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Graduate Student-at-Large (Non-Degree Seeking)

Reply to Offer of Admission

Let us know if you plan to attend NEIU! This will help us prepare for your arrival and guide you through the important next steps. Access the “Intent to Enroll” button by logging into your applications portal at

  • Access your Application Status Portal
  • Scroll down to the Application Checklist
  • Click on Reply to Offer of Admission
  • Select your response to the admission offer
  • Submit your response

Set Up Your NEIUport Account

First, activate your account in NEIUport, the University’s secure online portal, so you can access information, your Nmail, online tools, services and more. Once activated, explore the Current Student tab in NEIUport to learn how to:

  • Check the status of financial aid awards (if applicable).
  • Look up, register, and pay for classes.
  • Locate forms and academic resources information.
  • Inform the University about changes to your contact information.
  • View your academic profile, unofficial transcript, and any holds on your account.
  • Check your end-of-semester grades.
  • Use the Degree Evaluation tool to model how your credits will count towards fulfilling the requirements for any undergraduate degree program at Northeastern Illinois University.

Nmail is your University-issued email account. You will be provided with your Nmail address during the NEIUport activation process. The password you create for NEIUport will be the same password you will use to log in to your Nmail account. 

Official University communications will be sent to your Nmail account. You will be responsible for reading and responding to these communications, so please be sure to check your Nmail daily.

N-Safe is the system the University uses to provide students, faculty and staff with security and school closure alerts. Sign up for N-Safe and choose how you'd like notifications to be sent to you – by email and/or text message.

After activating your NEIUport account, you can access additional University accounts and Student Computing Services (SCS) computer lab workstations at all Northeastern locations. Use your NETID/username and the password you created when you activate your NEIUport account to access the workstations and your other Northeastern online accounts.

Desire to Learn (D2L) is an online learning environment that houses syllabi, course materials and tools you will use for many of the courses you will take at Northeastern. D2L also enables you to communicate with the faculty members teaching your courses and your classmates. Familiarize yourself with D2L before your first day of classes.

Register for Classes

After meeting with your Graduate Advisor, peruse the class schedule and register for classes via NEIUport.

Provide immunization records

All students must provide documentation of immunization/vaccination history to Northeastern Illinois University Student Health Services. Instructions are available online. Discounted vaccinations and free immunization reviews are available at NEIU Student Health Services.

All students are required to provide documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or a COVID-19 vaccination exemption form to the NEIU Health Portal. Students who are approved for a COVID-19 vaccination exemption are required to submit weekly test results. Return to Campus-Student Information has further details. Additionally, proof of other routine immunizations must be submitted to NEIU Student Health Services. Instructions are available online.

Additional Information

Deferring Your Admission

To request a deferral of your application or admission for up to one year, please log into your application portal and complete the Deferment Request of Application or Admission Form.

Frequently Asked Questions for Veterans

Can I use the Illinois Veterans Grant (IVG) at Northeastern?

Yes, Northeastern is a public institution and eligible veterans are able to utilize this benefit while attending.

Does Northeastern participate in the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, Yellow Ribbon program?

No, Northeastern does not participate. As a public institution, our tuition and mandatory fees are covered by the VA and there is nothing needing to offset with the Yellow Ribbon program.

Is an application fee waiver available for veterans?

Application fees can be waived for those prospective students who have a financial need. Please discuss your circumstances with the Veterans Services,, to determine if you meet the waiver requirements.

Do my benefits cover my books?

Currently only participants in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VOC REHAB) are eligible to have their books paid for under the benefit program. Veterans using the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) receive a books and supply allowance, based on the number of credits they are enrolled, to offset expenses.

Do I need to make a down payment to secure my classes?

No, if you are utilizing veterans’ benefits you do not need to make a down payment. Veterans should meet with the Veterans Services Office to determine the approximate amount covered by their benefits program to aid in budgeting for any remaining amount that is the student’s responsibility.

What paperwork is needed for my benefits?

This is determined based on the benefits utilized but every veteran or military member must have a copy 4 of their DD214, a Notice of Basic Eligibility for Reservists (NOBE), or a Statement of Service-Active Duty on file with the office. The office staff will determine what additional documentation is required when the student meets with them.

How are benefits/payments processed?

A student using benefits needs to make sure the office has the necessary documents in our files for the benefits they are planning on using. In addition, the student must submit the Request for Certification Form, every semester they wish to use benefits. The form should be submitted as early as possible to allow time for Northeastern’s processing, as well as, the Department of Veterans Affairs processing, which can run 2-8 weeks. The deadline for submission is the end of the Change of Registration period at the beginning of every semester.

When will I see my tuition and fees payment for Post 9/11 GI Bill on my account?

Student enrollments are certified to the VA upon submission of the Request for Certification Form, this allows their BAH and book stipends to process through the VA. After the Change of Registration period, the office sends a second transmission to the VA requesting a student’s tuition and fees payment to the VA. Once the VA sends the tuition and fees payment to the school, the deposit is verified for receipt and accuracy. After the payment is verified, it is posted to a student’s account. Tuition and fees payments and processing is not automatic and can take 2-8 weeks after the office transmits the data to the VA. Once the payments are posted to a student’s account, any excess Financial Aid is eligible to release to the student.

Can I receive Pell Grant and/or student loans along with my veteran’s benefits?

Yes, you can! Veterans are encouraged to complete the FAFSA to determine what aid they are eligible to receive. Veterans Services will assist students in determining how their military educational benefits fit into their Financial Aid package.

Are the parking, UPass, and Health Insurance fees covered by my benefits?

Parking, level II, and UPass fees are included under the IVG, Veterans Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31) and Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. Mandatory Health insurance fees for undergraduates enrolled full-time are covered under the IVG, Veterans Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31) and Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. Optional Health insurance for Graduate students or those students less than full time and upgraded parking to level I are not covered under benefits.

Do we accept military credits/transcripts?

Yes, a minimum of four credits are awarded to veterans who have been honorably discharged and have served a minimum of one year active duty or in the guard/reserve. Veterans must submit copy 4 of their DD214 to the Admissions Review and Processing Office to receive this credit. Credit is also granted from military transcripts based on military service and training. Students must submit a military transcript for evaluation.

Do we have a ROTC program?

Yes, please refer to ROTC at Northeastern for more information.

Are remedial courses covered under my benefits?

Yes, remedial courses are covered, but they cannot be on-line, they must be held on campus.

What happens if I fail a class?

If you attended the class and did not pass, you will not be expected to pay benefits back to the VA or to the state. If you did not attend the class or quit attending during the semester, come to the office for us to determine your potential financial impact. If you are not doing well in a class, please come to the Veterans Services office to see if tutoring is available prior to the end of the class.

What happens if I drop or withdraw from a class?

If you are using state benefits only (IVG, ING, POW/MIA), you do not have to pay back benefits but you are charged entitlement. If you are using GI Bill benefits, it is recommended to meet with the Veterans Services Office to determine your financial repercussions prior to dropping the course. Often times, a student can mitigate the financial impact on their benefits due to a variety of issues that may arise, let the office assist you in determining the best course of action. Drops and withdraws use up entitlement and may need to be repaid back to the VA.

My unit is being activated and I will miss school, what do I do?

Military members and veterans facing a school absence due to a call to active duty or medical treatment for a service-related condition must notify Veterans Services,, within 10 days of notice to ensure proper application of the Student Military Leave Policy.

How many credits are considered full time for my benefits?

Full time for undergraduate students is 12 credits and 9 credits for graduate students, to receive full GI Bill benefits, a student must meet these credit levels. Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) benefits are prorated at ¾, ½ and less than ½ credit levels and payments are adjusted accordingly. Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) benefits are prorated for attendance less than full time but a student must be pursuing a minimum of greater than half time enrollment. More than half time for Undergraduate students is considered 7 credits or greater. Undergraduate students registered between 7-11 credits receive a prorated living stipend from the VA. Graduate students must take a minimum of 5 credits to be considered more than half time. Graduate students enrolled in 5-8 credits receive a prorated living stipend.