Transfer Course Equivalencies

In the alphabetically ordered tabbed sections, you will find links to view approved Northeastern Illinois University transfer course equivalencies from respective insitutions.

In each transfer course equivalancy document you can view:

  • your school's course abbreviation, number and title.
  • Northeastern's course abbreviation, number, title, and the general education requirement the course may meet.

Please note: If a course does not appear on the equivalency guide, this does not necessarily mean the course is not transferrable. It may mean that we have not received a request from that institution to review the course for possible transfer credit at this time. 

Transfer Credit Re-evaluations

Students who have submitted transcripts for transfer credit evaluation may request a re-evaluation of transfer credits by completing the Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation Request Form.

Contact Us

For more information about transfer course equivalencies, please contact a Northeastern Admissions Counselor at (773) 442-4050.