Retaking Tests

A student may elect to retest for one or more course placements by retaking the placement test(s) for the subject areas (math, reading or writing) they choose. Before retaking the tests, it is highly recommended that all students review the Placement Test Preparation page to complete Accuplacer practice tests. Retests are given only under the following conditions.

Retake Conditions

  1. Students can retest in each subject area only one time.
  2. Any retest must be completed before coursework is begun in that subject area. The only two exceptions to this condition are the following: (a) a student may retest in math or writing if they successfully complete math or writing coursework in the NEIU Summer Bridge Program, and (b) a student may retest in math (but not writing) if they earn a grade of A in their first Math Development course.
  3. The higher of the original and retake scores will be honored and placement will be final.
  4. There is a $10 charge for retaking each test section (math, writing, reading).

Retake Instructions

  1. Complete a Retake Eligibility Approval form from Testing Services.

  2. Pay the $10 per test section (math, writing, reading) online or in-person at the Cashier’s Office in D 101.

  3. Students taking the test for the third time (or more) must first get approval from the department:

    1. For Math, contact Waleed Rehani, (773) 442-5761 or
      or Stevan Ranney, (773) 442-5766 or

    2. For Writing and Reading, contact Tina Villa, (773) 442-5480 or

  4. Any further appeal must be made in writing to the Coordinator of Math Development (for math placement) or the Coordinator of the English Language Program (for Reading and Writing placement) and must be made at least one week before classes start for the semester.


For more information, please contact Testing Services at or (773) 442-5293.