Placement Test Registration

Completing placement tests will help determine which courses are the best fit for you. Remote and in person testing are available. To test remotely, you will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and audio capabilities.

How do I register to take a placement test?

Fill out and submit our sign up form. You’ll receive an email within a week with information about scheduling remote or in person placement tests.

Remote and in person testing are available.

  • For remote testing, you will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and audio capabilities.
  • For in person testing, please arrive at the chosen location and time with a valid photo ID, your NEIU student ID number and a face mask

Which testing is right for me?

  • Do you have a computer (laptop or desktop)?
  • Do you have a reliable high speed internet connection?
  • Do you have a quiet place in your house where you can take the test?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you can test remotely. If you answered no to any of these questions, you should sign up for in person testing, which will take place on campus. 

Students requiring a disability-related testing accommodation must first contact Student Disability Services at and follow intake procedures before signing up for placement testing. 

In Person Placement Testing

In person testing takes place on campus. Please note the location of our test and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time with a valid photo ID, your NEIU student ID number and a face mask

Remote Placement Testing

Within a week after signing up for placement testing, you will receive an email with information about how to sign up for remote testing (from with subject line: Thank you for signing up for Placement Testing) and a second email with your voucher code (from Accuplace with subject line: Remote Voucher Notification).

Once you receive both emails, you can create an account with Proctortrack and schedule your placement tests. Make sure you have your voucher code ready, and download the latest version of Google Chrome browser and use Chrome when creating your account, scheduling and testing.

The complete list of requirements to test remotely via Proctortrack can be found on their website.


  • Open the following link in Google Chrome to create an account with Proctortrack:
  • At registration, you will be prompted to enter in your first name, last name, voucher code, date of birth, email address and a password for the Proctortrack account. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Proctortrack. 
  • Open the link in that email. Once confirmed, log in to Proctortrack with the registered email and password, and continue with the rest of the steps described in the Student Quick Guide. You will then be able to choose a date and time to take your placement tests. 
  • Complete the tests on your scheduled day and time.
  • After you have completed the placement test, you will receive your test score on the next screen. Take a screenshot or photo. Scores will appear in NEIUport within a week.

For more information about Proctortrack, review the detailed guide and tutorial. If you have technical issues, please contact Proctortrack support, available 24/7, at (844) 753-2020. 

The test is untimed (there is no time limit). Be sure to set aside at least two hours to complete your placement tests. Learn more more information about the test itself and preparation materials.

When and where will you see your placement test results?

After finishing the placement test you will see your score and placement on the next screen. You may take a screenshot of your results and/or print them. Your score will be available on NEIUport within 1-3 business days. Essay scores will be available up to 24 hours after taking the exam. Reading and Writing Survey results will be available within 5-7 days.

All test scores will be posted on NEIUport. Please follow the steps below to locate them:

  • Log in to NEIUport
  • Click the Current Student tab
  • In the Registration Tools channel, click “View Test Scores”

Learn more about interpreting your test scores.

Preparing for the Test  

It is highly recommended that prior to the test, you prepare by using our Placement Test Preparation page as a study resource.

In addition to addressing placement testing, please be sure to continue through as many of the important Next Steps for Admitted Students as possible.


If you have any problems registering, contact Testing Services at (773) 442-5293 or