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NEIU For You–Transfer Scholarship

Northeastern Illinois University’s brand-new, one-time scholarship initiative, NEIU For You–Transfer, is geared toward all new undergraduate transfer students for Fall 2021. We know the world needs your gifts, your skills, your passion, your voice—now more than ever—and NEIU For You–Transfer helps make that possible.

Northeastern will cover the cost of a three credit hour course for all incoming transfer students that register for six credit hours or more for Fall 2021. There’s no catch. This is real—and it’s available for you today as we responsibly prepare to welcome you back to campus in the fall.

We are committed to inclusion and access to higher education for all and are offering this opportunity to join other NEIU students who break barriers. As an incoming transfer student, you automatically qualify for this initiative, but also must:

  • submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • complete your Intent to Enroll (click on Transfer Students, refer to Step 3)
  • register for 6+ credit hours for Fall 2021
    • Once registered for classes, sign and submit a form acknowledging conditions

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Apply today to take advantage of our NEIU For You–Transfer offer. This amazing opportunity will only be available until all spots are taken for the coming year.

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Transfer Center peer mentors and staff are ready to help you navigate your transition to Northeastern. Call us at (773) 442-4076 or email us at

As described more fully in the NEIU application materials, the University is very pleased to share key terms and conditions for the Scholarship Initiative program approved by the Board of Trustees. The Scholarship Initiative will only be awarded to individuals who meet the requirements of the program; The Scholarship Initiative is a one-time program for incoming transfer students for their first semester at NEIU, limited to Fall 2021; The Scholarship Initiative program offers a scholarship equal to the amount of tuition and mandatory fees remaining due for each qualifying student after taking account of any financial aid grant(s) they have been awarded (e.g., Pell, MAP, AIM High) so that each student’s out-of-pocket cost includes only related fees during their first semester (Fall 2021); For transfer students, the Scholarship Initiative covers a maximum of 3 credits hours in Fall 2021, and does not apply to Spring 2022 or Summer 2022; Tuition for all transfer students for the Fall 2021 semester, including those awarded a scholarship under this program, will be held at the Fall 2021 per credit hour rate during their second, third, and fourth years at the University; International students and part-time students are not entitled to this Scholarship Initiative program; Students must register for part-time (at least 6 credits) to qualify for consideration for the Scholarship Initiative; Students can register for more than 6 credits each semester, however, students will be responsible for any tuition and fees beyond 3 credits; and The program is non-refundable, e.g., students who do not complete a semester will not be provided any cash or credit benefit; and Northeastern Illinois University reserves the right to terminate the Scholarship Initiative when all allotted funds are exhausted, or for any other reason as determined by the university. Please review the application materials for additional information or contact the Office of Financial Aid.