We are accepting applications for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020! Northeastern has removed the ACT or SAT score as an admission requirement for Fall 2020 applications. Fall 2020 admitted students can find additional resources online.

Fall 2020 Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions

This list of questions was last reviewed on May 5, 2020. Zero questions were added or updated.

Below are the most frequently asked questions by our incoming Fall 2020 transfer students. If you need more information, please contact the Transfer Center at tsteps@neiu.edu

Are the summer and fall semesters canceled? (added May 5)

Northeastern will offer a full complement of classes in the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters.

Is the summer and/or fall semester going to be online? (added May 5)

The First Half of Summer session (May 15-June 25), the Second Half of Summer session (June 26-Aug. 6) and Full Summer session (May 15-Aug. 8) will be taught online or remotely. Remote instruction involves improvisational and flexible design to deliver the same material in a course that was intended to be taught in a traditional face-to-face manner but now must be done remotely. This mode takes into account that students do not have the option to take the course in a classroom setting and may not have access to technology in order to reliably access course content or live course sessions, or to complete certain assignments or assessments. Faculty who teach remotely are more flexible in how content is delivered and how students complete assignments to account for this change from a face-to-face setting and different students' needs.

For Fall 2020, no determination has been made at this time.

What are the next steps I should take to enroll in classes? (added May 5)

Visit Next Steps for Admitted Students and click the Transfer Students box to view the steps needed to complete your enrollment.

Am I able to start in Fall 2020 if I applied for Summer 2020? If so, how? (added May 5)

Yes, students can change the semester they would like to begin and move it up to one academic year. Students can log into their application portal and fill out the deferral section (recommended) or complete a deferral request form and send it to defer-admission@neiu.edu. Students are able to defer only once per application.

Will Pass/Fail grades be accepted for transfer credits? (added May 5)

Yes, NEIU will grant transfer credits for Pass/Fail courses that you’ve taken at your current institution. This condition applies only to courses taken in Spring 2020.

What is the best way to reach my academic advisor for help in enrolling in classes? (added May 5)

View our Undergraduate Advisor Directory to find your program advisor contact information. If you have questions about contacting your academic advisor, please email the Transfer Center at tsteps@neiu.edu.

How do I know which transfer credits have been accepted at Northeastern? (added May 5)

After you set up your NEIUPort account, log in and click on the Transcripts link to see what course credits have transferred over to Northeastern.

Can I attend another college while attending Northeastern? (added May 5)

Yes, you can attend another college while attending NEIU. Please make sure to talk to your program advisor if the course you are taking is meant to fulfill a specific requirement for your major.

Note: Students may transfer in no more than 64 credit hours from a community college, 90 credit hours from a university and a combined 90 credit hours from both. Also, financial aid can be used at only one institution at a time. Talk to both institutions's financial aid offices to make sure you proceed correctly when using your aid.

Do you accept transfer credits from online learning platforms? (added May 5)

NEIU does accept credits from an online platform as long as they are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Accreditation can be found in the website of the institution offering the course. If you have any doubts, contact the Transfer Center at tsteps@neiu.edu.