Guaranteed Admission

Northeastern has signed agreements with community colleges in the Chicago area, which allow for admission to both the community college and Northeastern while enrolled at the community college.

The objective of the program is to engage transfer students as early as possible to better prepare for the transition to the University. 

Under the agreement, students have full access to Northestern’s offices of Enrollment Services, Academic Advising, Library, and Financial Aid while enrolled at the community college. Students must maintain continuous full-time or part-time enrollment in the community college with a 2.0 grade point average to remain eligible for the dual admission program.  

Guaranteed Admission Program Partnerships

Northeastern Illinois University has recently updated agreements with the following community colleges:

  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • College of Lake County
  • Oakton Community College

Applying to the Guaranteed Admission Program

The earlier you apply to the program the earlier you will receive the benefits of the program. To participate in these guaranteed admission programs please complete the form for your school and return to the contact on the form:

City Colleges of Chicago Guaranteed and Dual Admission Application

College of Lake County Guaranteed Admission Program Participation Form


For College of Lake County and Oakton Community College students please apply prior to reaching 45 transfer credits to be eligible for the program.

Academic transcripts may also be collected if you wish to have them evaluated towards a specific degree.  This is helpful for strategic course planning at the community college that transfers into the specific degree requirements at NEIU.

Let us help you plan your future transfer now by participating in guaranteed admission!